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Requirements and quality control of grid installation
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Grid installation requirements

1, the bolt tightened to the appropriate location, to ensure the stability of the bolt, and to ensure that no naked eye can see the sleeve contact slits exist.

2, the installation of rods, the bending degree of rods can not exceed the safety requirements of the corresponding national scope.

3, the grid components have been installed to ensure that its clean surface, no scratches, no missing, no obvious gap, and can not appear depression and the wrong phenomenon, to ensure that the corresponding interface is accurate, if wrong to be installed in time Replacement is required.

4, the corresponding thickness of the paint and the quality of the relevant requirements must meet the design specifications within the error limits to ensure that the overall grid of chromaticity requirements.

5, has been built a good network structure of the node center position offset error of less than 1.5mm, and to ensure that the length of single-cone grid can not be greater than disabilities l.5mm.

6, after all the grid installation, the longitudinal and lateral length of the grid should be less than L / 2000, and not less than or equal to 30mm, bearing center offset less than L / 3000, and less than or equal to 30mm.

7, the height difference between the adjacent bearing is less than or equal to 15mm, and the highest point between the lowest point of the bearing height difference to be less than or equal to 30mm.

8, no-load deflection to ensure that less than L / 800.

9, quality picking personnel should be ready to measure tools such as theodolite, level, steel tape and auxiliary equipment cone, steel ruler, etc., to be checked.

10, the quality of personnel to be continued uninterrupted stay in the construction site, keep abreast of the construction, and make the necessary records, improve the appropriate information, and timely reporting to the higher quality engineers, and actively and closely with the work.

Quality control of the installation of the truss

The requirements of the parts to be placed in the appropriate location, can not be misplaced and can not be damaged and lost to ensure that the embedded board surface clean and tidy, axis position, the standard height and geometry to be accurate, also need to ensure that the longitudinal and lateral length deviation is less than 30mm, embedded center deviation of less than 30mm, adjacent to the surrounding embedded parts to be less than 15mm, the corresponding maximum height of the surrounding embedded parts to be less than 30mm.

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